Vanguarde is continually on the lookout for great people to join our talented team of agents and professionals.

Vanguarde is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from racialized persons/persons of colour, women, Indigenous/Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and other who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

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VAM maintains a long-standing commitment to growing its employees’ careers. Assistants, coordinators, and interns, along with other colleagues across the company, play a critical role in enabling our business to deliver the best results for our clients. Our staff’s growth comes from meaningful roles, educational offerings, and hands-on learning and development opportunities that provide the skills and knowledge needed to forge industry relationships and to build a career in entertainment and media.

Career Progression

The general framework for the career progression of entry-level staff is to participate in an 18-month program of employment and on-the-job training. The focus in the first six months is on mastering the administrative responsibilities required to provide first-class support to agents. The focus of the second six months is on expanding the level of contribution to the company through more substantive activities. The focus of the third six months will be on helping agents directly drive business. Evaluations will be conducted every 3 months to reflect on progress and set goals. At the end of 18 months top-performers will be offered opportunities for promotion in which we will develop and execute a 6-month succession and advancement plan.

Throughout the program, Coordinators will be invited to attend and support Vanguarde’s mission at industry events including the TIFF, annual awards ceremonies, and CFC showcases/events. Additionally, Vanguarde organizes professional development brownbag lunches with discussions guided by VAM senior personnel, clients, producers, broadcasters, and other industry members.


VAM is a service-driven organization. We serve our clients in teams, ensuring that they benefit from the expertise and connections we offer across the entire company. We also believe that this collaborative approach makes VAM a better place to learn, grow, and work.

We look for employees who are as collaborative as they are driven. We foster an environment inclusive of diverse voices from diverse backgrounds so that we can deliver a richer and better experience for our employees and our clients. As a result, VAM is committed to bringing diverse voices and talent to the table, both within our workforce and with the clients and projects we represent.

Internally, VAM strives to create a workforce where all individuals can reach their full potential.



  • Coordinator, Film/TV Literary department (posted: July 8, 2019) 
  • Coordinator, Production department (posted: July 8, 2019) 
  • Associate, Commercial department (posted: July 8, 2019) 

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INTERN PROGRAM (posted: May 15, 2019)

Accepting applications from all undergraduate disciplines, the Vanguarde Artists Management Intern Program is designed to provide students currently enrolled in accredited Bachelor and Masters programs with real-world exposure to theFilm/TV business.  Interns typically spend  1-day per week in the office for the duration of the academic semester working with Agents and Managers.  Students must be able to receive course credit from their institution for participating in the internship program in order to participate.

(ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FALL SEMESTER 2019 starting on August 15, 2019)