What we do

Vanguarde represents many of Canada’s most sought after showrunners, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, line producers, editors, production designers, and composers.  With a select roster, extensive producer and broadcaster relationships across Canada, and strategic alliances internationally, Vanguarde is uniquely positioned to build, grow, and individually shape each of our clients’ careers.  The Vanguarde team prides itself on representing artists at all stages of their career from emerging to veteran and everything in between.


Who we are

Tina Horwitz founded Vanguarde Artists Management in 2002 on the principle that great artistry and creativity deserve intelligent career management. We are a tightly coordinated team of artist representatives operating in a system of collective support.  We have cultivated values, practices, routines, and systems so that as a company we are greater than the sum of our parts.  Each Vanguarde member takes personal responsibility for the success of every client even if only one of two representatives serve as the direct points of contact.

VANGUARD(E) /ˈVANˌGÄRD/ (NOUN): A group of people leading the way in new development or ideas.



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