Motion Picture & Television Talent


Vanguarde represents film and television literary talent working across genres and audiences at all stages in their careers. Because we constantly interface with buyers we have a very well-elaborated understanding of markets for creative content and so a finely-tuned eye for talent and material. Additionally, we track, process, and act upon an enormous amount of information about opportunities and have the relationships to mobilize interest in our clients and their work.  Below is a selection of some work by our writer, director, creator clients which we update periodically.

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Physical Production

Vanguarde is the go-to artist representation company in Canada for Production talent.  We represent some of Canada’s leading lights in all key below-the-line categories including Line Producers, Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Editors, Composers, and Costume Designers.  We help staff television series and feature film production from domestically originated projects as well as large US network and international co- and foreign service productions.

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Post Production

Vanguarde represents some of Canada’s top talent in post production including Editors, Post Supervisors and Music Composers. We are dedicated to finding the right editorial pairings and musical matches for all kinds of productions from Independent Film to large International and Co-Productions and everything in between. Below is a selection of scenes and sound clips from our talented clients, which we update periodically.

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