Official Statement regarding Pat Dussault

June 22, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, we were made aware of a disturbing and unacceptable tweet posted by our former client, Pat Dussault. At that time, we also became aware that this was not an isolated incident.

Mr. Dussault’s actions do not reflect our company’s standards of behaviour. We also wish to clarify that Mr. Dussault has never been an employee of Vanguarde Artists Management. Our company represented him briefly in his dealings as a television screenwriter, and that was the extent of our relationship with him. On Thursday June 21st 2018, we informed Mr. Dussault that we would be ending the relationship as a result of his behaviour.

We want to emphasize that Mr. Dussault’s comments do not reflect our company’s values, beliefs or views. His words are his own alone.

-Vanguarde Artists Management