Vanguarde’s 2019 Canadian Screen Award Nominees

While we consider all of our clients winners, here are Vanguarde’s CSA nominees:
Best Director:
Jasmin Mozaffari – Firecrackers
Best Cinematography:
Daniel Grant – Octavio is Dead!
John Dunning Best First Feature Film Award:
Jasmin Mozaffari – Firecrackers
*Firecrackers is also nominated for Best Costume Design and Best Editing
Best Live Action Short Drama:
Carmine Pierre Dufour – Mahalia Melts in the Rain
Best Comedy Series:
Workin’ Moms – Catherine Reitman, Philip Sternberg, Tina Horwitz
Second Jen – Samantha Wan
Best Children’s/Youth Fiction Series:
Backstage – Lara Azzopardi (with Brian Irving, Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis, George Elliot)
The Next Step – Brian Hartigan (withIvan Schneeberg, David Fortier, Andrea Boyd, Michelle Melanson Cuperus, Laurie McLarty, Shaleen Sangha, Amy Wright, Emma Campbell, Rachael Schaefer, Karen McClellan)
Best Director, Drama:
Peter Stebbings – Frankie Drake Mysteries “Ghosts”
Best Director, Comedy:
Sturla Gunnarsson – Schitt’s Creek “Singles Week” 
Catherine Reitman – Workin’ Moms “2005”
Best Writing, Drama:
Lara Azzopardi (with Tassie Cameron, Marsha Greene) – Mary Kills People “Come to Jesus”
Best Cinematography, Drama:
Gavin Smith – Wynonna Earp “Undo It”
Gavin Smith – Mary Kills People “Ride or Die”
Best Cinematography, Comedy:
Nick Haight – Baroness Von Sketch Show “Is that You Karen?”
Ian Bibby – Mr. D “Gerry Cuts a Footloose” 
Best Editing, Drama:
Matthew Anas – Cardinal: Blackfly Season
Best Editing, Comedy:
Jonathan Eagan – Workin’ Moms “2005”
Best Production Design, Fiction:
Ingrid Jurek (with Cathy Cowan, Amber Humphrie) – Wynonna Earp “Daddy Lessons”
Best Lead Actress, Comedy:
Catherine Reitman – Workin’ Moms “Consent”
Best Writing, Children’s/Youth:
Mark De Angelis (with Leah Gotcsik) – Odd Squad “New Jacket Required’
Best Original Music, Fiction:
Todor Kobakov – Ransom “Radio Silence”
Todor Kobakob – Cardinal Blackfly
Amin Bhatia, Ari Posner – Anne with an E “I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion”


We wish the very best of luck to all!


For the full list of CSA Awards and Nominees, click here

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