Inconceivable! Princess Bride table read TIFF 2015

Last night Philip Sternberg sent me a note about his wife and our new client Writer-Director Catherine Reitman.   Catherine had gotten off the plane from LA just in time to help out her brother Jason Reitman in his live table read of The Princess Bride. Filling in for Gael Garcia Bernal (held up by a delayed flight), Catherine joined an all star cast including Chris O’Dowd, Patrick Stewart and Rachel McAdams in the role of Inigo Montoya.

The Toronto Star’s Coverage echoes Philip’s report:

“She nailed it, getting some of the biggest laughs of the night with her so-bad-it’s-good Spanish accent, and natural repartee with Georges Laraque, sitting to her right as Fezzik.”

Catherine and Philip Sternberg (also her producing partner) are in town for TIFF and pitch meetings around town for their comedy pilots.

Read about it in the Hollywood Reporter as well.

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