Liam Higgins

Director of Photography

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Liam Higgins is a cinematographer based in Toronto, ON. While coming from a background in photojournalism, Higgins attributes his dark, visceral, and cinematic style to his early love of music videos, Japanese anime, thriller and dramatic films. Working closely and collaboratively with each department, Higgins executes every image with consistency, purpose, and attention to detail. He assures each frame is crafted to a high standard of professional precision while capturing the organic moments that transpire momentarily.
With experience in both analog and digital mediums, Higgins approaches his style with a balance of research and intuition when finding the ideal medium to shape the visual story of any given project.

Ty Senoj
Myles Castello
"Bad Company"
"Cause You Did"
Elijah Woods & Jamie Fine
"Better Off"
"When The Night Comes"
Keynes Woods